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Melbourne – Light House$372,000

Great cities are known for their architectural landmarks. Light House, with its shimmering, striking exterior, is certain to become a hero of the Melbourne skyline. Its visionary design captures natural light through artistry and creates living spaces of exceptional appeal. This unique building has a sculptural presence, rising an impressive sixty-nine stories. Designed to create a prismatic effect, the fabric of the building catches and plays with the beautiful Melbourne light.

Through these picture-framed masterpieces, the observer can watch Melbourne’s seasons change, witness lively streetscapes, enjoy the sense of community in this bustling part of the city, and become a part of what is soon to be one of Melbourne’s architectural treasures.

Reinforcing the fact that no effort has been spared to create an exceptional quality of life at Light House, even the joinery has been masterfully designed for function and aesthetics. A real sense of luxury comes from interiors where elements work together in harmony and functional items flatter designer elegance. In every Light House bathroom the mirrored overhead cabinetry is augmented by generous below-sink storage where the more prosaic necessities of life can be stored. Storage cupboards for bulkier brooms and vacuums are discreetly positioned within each floor plan. Space in the kitchen is utilised cleverly and contemporary drawer storage replaces shelves, further maximising space and convenience.

On the eighth level of Light House one finds an expansive and magnificent selection of exclusive residents’ facilities to add significant enjoyment, opulence and cachet to life in this remarkable building.

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